A marzipan variant

Recently I made marzipan with orange flower water instead of rose water and then mixed a handful of candied orange peel pieces into it before serving. 

It was AWESOME and got utterly demolished at the vigil I took it to. It’s more of a stretch for historical accuracy (evidence for orange flower water in cooking has eluded me, to my annoyance)  but very, very tasty. If you gave up on making it SCA period historical, you could dip it in chocolate. I wouldn’t tell. 


Author: eulalia

I'm a foodie, medievalist, crafter, and gardener living in beautiful Portland, Oregon.

One thought on “A marzipan variant”

  1. Karen was VERY right about you being a great cook. I hope I did not seem too arrogant in a previous post, but I not only cook but LOVE go grow Old World and very unknown edible plants in my garden. I was a house husband for over 20 years and roughing it over a campfire was one of my favorite things. I am CERTAIN I could learn a lot from you.


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