Bread loaf made with the Lammas Fayre flour

I’ve been snowed in for days and today to alleviate my boredom I baked a loaf of sourdough bread:

I used Lammas Fayre’s medieval blend — the “peasant” one with pea and bean flour added. The starter is one that started with the lees of a batch of mead. 

My starter had been in the refrigerator so long that I ended up adding some regular bread yeast (a teaspoon). I did a sponge (starter, flour, water, extra yeast) and let it go overnight. This morning I took out some to save for new starter, added salt and more flour, kneaded, then let rise until doubled in size. I baked it in a cast iron Dutch oven at 400•F for 30 minutes, then 350•F for 30 more. It’s got a really good flavor and a surprisingly light crumb. 


Author: eulalia

I'm a foodie, medievalist, crafter, and gardener living in beautiful Portland, Oregon.

4 thoughts on “Bread loaf made with the Lammas Fayre flour”

  1. Very cool! Thanks for posting this. I have been lurking and waiting to see how you did with that flour. 🙂
    Might have a go myself for next Shire meeting. The Elizabethan flour also looks really interesting.


  2. Wonderful looking re-enactment bread ! I bet it was delicious. When I make my 100% whole grain artisan bread (with wild starter) my crust can be too tough. Have you figured out how to overcome this hurdle ? I bake my sourdough bread in my cast iron Dutch oven, (in my ordinary kitchen oven). Thanks for any advice.


    1. Sometimes I do end up with really tough crusts! I haven’t found a solution yet but I suspect it has to do with moisture, either keeping the exterior from drying out too much during proofing or maintaining enough steam during baking. (But those are guesses.)


  3. I came across your article whilst researching Lammas Fayre Flour, so a little late for your discussion. Try wrapping your bread in a clean tea towel when it comes out of the oven. This should help to soften the crust.
    By the way. the Magna Carta Blend is worth a try too.


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