An SCA Resume Template (for Arty People)

One of the tasks I give to my students and apprentices is to keep an updated resume. I have a specific format that I use for these that I really like. After attending a local get together tonight and talking about this with some other folks, it seems like this is a tool that other people might find useful. So, here are my suggestions of what to put in an SCA A&S resume:

At the top, if at all possible, include a current photo

SCA Name
Home Branch, active since (year)
Links to: public Facebook page, blog, YouTube channel, Instagram, or other online repository of work (important!)

Area(s) of Focus:

  • What do you like to learn about / do / make / etc. — use bullet points, ok to put them in a ranked order of importance to you, don’t worry about having too many/too few


  • List of / links to research papers and similar


  • Current projects (include links to photos, any ongoing writing like “dress diaries”)
  • Past projects, list/describe with dates, provide links to photos and documentation


  • Name of class, dates taught (group by class type or title, if you repeat a class frequently)
    • Links to class handouts


  • Award, date, branch Just awards given, keep competition wins separate


  • A&S championships and similar held and major competitions entered (date, branch, name of competition if applicable) E.g.:
  • Dragon’s Mist Baronial A&S Champion, February 2011 to February 2012
    • Entries: blah, blah, blah
  • Storm Maker Tournament (Stromgard), entered, February 2018
    • Entries: blah, blah, blah
  • Kingdom Arts and Sciences Championship, single entry, March 2014
    • Entry: blah

Service to the Arts:

  • Classes organized, contests judged, A&S offices held, and similar; okay to group things, e.g.: “Minister of Arts and Sciences for [branch], [dates]; organized classes at [local events] and [Kingdom or regional events] coordinated [any contests/championships].”


  • Other examples of service, not “I helped carry water” but think branch officer, retinue, etc.

Optional — examples of “Art as Service”

  • Largesse donations, clothing for royals, and similar; list / describe with dates, links to photos if possible

Permission to use an adapt this as you wish. If you’d like a copy for your own use and have a Google Drive account, here’s a link to make yourself a copy of my file.

Note that how I use this is that a student- or apprentice-level artisan would create a resume themselves using this overall structure. This would help them them track what they’ve done and reflect on their priorities. Then, they would share this with a Peer with whom they have an established relationship, who can then give them feedback directly and possibly use this as a starting point for discussions with other Peers for feedback on the artisan’s work and next steps. If you want to use this as a more public tool (I know some Peers push their associates to have a public resume somewhere), I’d do that in direct consultation with your Peer; a resume is a marketing document, and your Peer will probably have some solid suggestions for how to better market yourself with something like this. (Basically, you’d want a shorter version for the public version, and a Peer would be able to help you prioritize.)

I hope that you find this useful, whether you’re a Laurel looking for a way to represent what your apprentices are working on or a novice artisan tracking your projects over the first few years of your explorations or anyone else! This is definitely A&S focused — I would love to see service and fighting oriented resume templates out in the world as well.



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