The An Tir Publike House Project


What is the An Tir Publike House? Right now, it’s kind of an experiment. But I have a vision: A place where all are welcome, where fresh newcomer and seasoned Peer alike can sit together to share food and drink and conversation. The An Tir Publike House will be a dayshade right next to the list field, with tables, seating, light snacks and beverages, a few friendly faces, and some historical games to break the ice. This is not officially hosted by a specific branch or office, it is a personal project of myself and Maestra Raffaella di Contino (with, we hope, lots and lots of help!) 

The name is pronounced just like the modern “public” spelling. The spelling we are trying out comes from an OED entry found by Runa Harrasdottir: “1618 spelling ‘Publike House’ – ‘Publike House of the city where this and all publike feasts are kept.'” Not quite in under the 1600 cutoff but close enough for our purposes 🙂

We have just finished our “soft launch” at Autumn War and September Crown, which felt pretty successful. Since we are already back into the “indoor” season, I’m not sure when our next Publike House event will be, but if you are interested in being involved watch this space for updates. When we are ready to get back into the swing of things, I think our most pressing need is still for infrastructure, that is, dayshade space and tables / benches. Part of the concept of the Publike House is that rather than putting the burden of storing and transporting all of the big heavy stuff on one person, we hope to have many groups and individuals volunteer to provide different parts of what we need so that not only can we spread the work around, but we can also spread around the ownership of this project. If that idea excites you, I look forward to talking with you! Watch this space for a link to a volunteer form as we get closer to spring 🙂