Watch my KAS final presentation

If you missed seeing me present my pie entry on Sunday, now you can play along at home thanks to the video by Russ Gilman-Hunt:

Part 1

Part 2

During the Q&A portion I explained more about some of my recreation choices (such as how I chose the spices I used), about┬ápie crusts generally, and where I hope to take this project in the future. Watching this now, I see soooooo much detail I could have added. I felt so constrained by the time limit, which was frustrating. I do wish I had talked more about my process; I think I didn’t give myself enough credit for how much work went into mastering making this one particular pie. But overall I felt incredibly good about my presentation, and I even (shockingly!) don’t hate watching this on film.

And if you want to hear everything I have to say on the subjects of medieval pie, 14th century English cooking, the intersection of food and social class, and how┬áto choose ingredients that are as authentic as possible, clearly the only answer is to take a class from me at an event ­čÖé