A marzipan variant

Recently I made marzipan with orange flower water instead of rose water and then mixed a handful of candied orange peel pieces into it before serving. 

It was AWESOME and got utterly demolished at the vigil I took it to. It’s more of a stretch for historical accuracy (evidence for orange flower water in cooking has eluded me, to my annoyance)  but very, very tasty. If you gave up on making it SCA period historical, you could dip it in chocolate. I wouldn’t tell. 


Marzipan: my go-to dessert for every feast

Marzipan is delicious, relatively easy to make (if you allow yourself modern cheats), vegan and gluten free, historical, and fancy: these factors combine to make it my top choice when planning a feast. You can sculpt it, add colors, or arrange some other sweets (I’m partial to dried fruits and candied ginger as shown here) to serve:


My basic marzipan recipe that I’ve been using for years:

  • One part by weight blanched slivered almonds
  • One part by weight sugar
  • Rose water

Grind the almonds and sugar together in a food processor until the almonds are very fine. Add rose water a spoonful at a time, grinding continuously, until the marzipan forms a paste. Continue grinding until it is a smooth and uniform as possible. 

Marzipan is also wonderful to take to events for a sweet treat or to share at a potluck. 

Yesterday I made the marzipan pictured above as desserts for an Italian feast. It all got devoured and I even caught a friend of mine filling his napkin with it to take home!