How to transport pottery safely

Transporting pottery and glassware to and from SCA events is a somewhat perilous enterprise. A few years ago at a Cook’s Playdate*, Mistress Tangwystl showed off her brilliant solution: polar fleece baggies in various sizes into which pottery can be safely tucked for a long journey. 

I call them Pot Socks, The Fun Socks For Fun Pots! Try calling them that, the whole name — it’s super fun. 

I can’t take credit for this great idea, but I can give you a primer on how to make them. It’s dead easy. 

First you get some fleece (I made roughly 10 socks of a few sizes from 1.5 yards of fleece), then you decide what size(s) you want, then you cut them out and sew up the edges (use a serger or a zig-zag stitch). 

I found that 12″ was a pretty good width for most of my pipkins. For cups, 6-8″ by about the same length (doubled over) works well. I just used half thr width of the fabric for each sock, so each bag was maybe 15″ deep. 

Here’s a small sock for a glass:


I also made a giant pot sock (not pictured) for a large jug I have, and I’ve previously made a bunch in other sizes for my various drinking vessels. 

Experiment with sizes and make some pot socks (the fun socks for fun pots!) You can make them for plates and bowls, too. They’d make spectacular Twelfth Night gifts. Happy crafting!

*At An Tir / West War, cooks from booth kingdoms, plus now CAID, meet and camp and cook together. It’s the best thing that has ever existed.