Major York Resource Made Available

I am super duper excited about this:

From the site:

York’s Archbishops Registers Revealed provides free access to over 20,000 images of Registers produced by the Archbishops of York, 1225-1650, in addition to a growing searchable index of names, subjects, places and organisations. The registers are a valuable, and in many cases, unexploited source for ecclesiastical, political, social, local and family history – covering periods of war, famine, political strife and religious reformation in the Archdiocese of York and the wider Northern Province.

You can browse images using the options below, or search the 2187 indexed entries via the search interface. Further information, guidance and supporting material relating to the registers will be added to the site as time goes on.

This is me, rubbing my hands together with child-like glee and grinning like a fool. I can’t wait to see what turns up in these records, and I am so thankful that so many organizations are working to make records like these available online. The ability to access actual primary source documents is amazing! We live in the future!


Author: eulalia

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One thought on “Major York Resource Made Available”

  1. Just come across your fascinating blog!! Wish I had found it earlier as I have just finished writing my master’s thesis on medieval York 🙂 Looking forward to reading further posts, and to exploring the Archbishops’ Registers.


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